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We are committed to backing tech entrepreneurs who are already solving real-world problems through their Smart Cities solutions.Through our startup Accelerator Program, more mature tech companies are given support through our specialized curriculum, lab access, and resources to accelerate their business!

Our tech startup accelerator is a 6-month program where founders will be able to elevate and scale their business.

Growth Plan

Focus on identifying your competition and successful business models, leading your team and forming a board. Through the program you will also learn how to gain equity and investors.

5G Development
and Testing

Smart Cities opportunities, TestBed Orientation, Design and Innovation Methodologies, and Requirements Development.

Working with Government

Government structure, Procurement and purchasing Power, Becoming a Partner with Government, Piloting Programs, and Privacy Concerns.


Find the partners you need to grow your business, including pitching cities for collaboration and investors for funding

Want to see the full Curriculum?

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Find out if you could qualify for the free incubator program.

Who Should Apply?

Find out if you could qualify for the free accelerator program.


Are you interested in solving problems that impact infrastructure, transportation, energy, public safety, sustainability, and more?


Do you think you have a Smart City related solution and would like to build a business around that solution?


Does your company leadership or solution represent the New Majority (BIPOC, women, people with disabilities)?


Does your product require working with the government?


Would your product benefit from 5G integration and testing?

Was your answer yes to any of these questions?

Explore the
incubator program.

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FREE Incubator program with no equity required!

Thanks to our federal funding & partners across the tech industry, both the incubator and accelerator programs are absolutely free of charge, including all benefits & resources.

With Smart Futures Lab, not only do you receive a professional curriculum designed to help your startup grow, but you also have access to all program benefits.

Office space with computers, WIFI, & conference rooms.
Invited to special events, demo day, and pitch day events.
Dedicated marketing professional to help develop your brand and marketing plan.
A professional mentor that has experience in the tech and Smart City industry.
Access to the surrounding campus as a “living lab” for testing.
Access to a private 5G network, CBRS Test Bed with your own dedicated sim cards.
Full access to our Smart Futures Lab, a prototyping facility with trained staff.
A connection to a broad network of professionals and access to Government directly through the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance.
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“The Smart Futures Lab program was instrumental in accelerating our company's development and expansion. Its rich ecosystem of events and networking opportunities broadened our connections within the industry. Most notably, leading to our winning a pilot project with the Denver Airport. This experience has been instrumental in our growth and development”

Rene Espinoza, Founder

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