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Our standalone 5G network is private, safe, and reliable.

Unlike other incubator and accelerator programs, our program at Smart Futures Lab, offers access to our private 5G network for testing or development.

Our 5G Lab is located within our Smart Futures Lab offices, in downtown Denver. This provides access to real-world testing through indoor and outdoor antennas. Powered through CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Spectrum), users do not need to pay for access.

Having access to a 5G testbed provides program members the opportunity to develop their business in the 5G Space.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular (wireless) networks, which is an evolution from 4G that is currently widely used today.


5G provides transformational changes to how things connect to the internet wirelessly, and it provides a tremendous new tool for cities to communicate with things in an urban environment in real-time.

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