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Alliance & Partners

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No other state in the country has an ecosystem so robust to support smart cities companies.

Smart Futures Lab members have

access to it all!

Through the Smart Futures Lab incubator and accelerator startup program, all members have access to the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance and all their partners. 
The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance is a statewide organization that brings together government, businesses and allied organizations to create technology partnerships that benefit Colorado.

The Alliance helps Smart Futures Lab companies overcome the barriers unique to thriving in the smart cities industry by providing access to people, resources, and business opportunities required to accelerate company growth.

CSCA has supported prior Smart Futures Lab cohort companies by finding the first customers to test the robotic snow plows, deploy advanced navigation technology in Denver International Airport for people with disabilities, or hang sensors on streetlights to monitor transportation partners in real-time. 

They work with program members by:

  • Pairing each incubator or accelerator program member with a government mentor familiar with the problem the company is trying to help solve, to help guide startup development and implementation.

  • Facilitating product research interviews or testing.

  • Providing a learning curriculum designed to help incubator or accelerator program members learn how to work with government.

  • Access to pilot opportunities within our ecosystem through innovation challenges or meeting facilitation.

  • Consulting on product market fit, competitive landscape, business model, or product development

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Colorado Smart Cities Alliance
Executive Director

Tyler Svitak

  • LinkedIn

Leading the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance as Executive Director since 2019,  the Alliance is the first and largest statewide coalition of public, private, academic and research organizations committed to advancing smart cities initiatives. Tyler has built his career improving civic issues like transportation, air quality and climate change at the intersection of technology, innovation, and partnership. He has spent his entire career in government or non-profit trying to use the best technology has to offer to improve issues important to Colorado, resulting in more than 100 “smart cities” projects across Colorado. 

Chelsea Barrett

Colorado Smart Cities Alliance
Director of Marketing & Communications

Chelsea Barrett

  • LinkedIn

Chelsea is passionate about communities and has taken a path of professional and volunteer opportunities that make an impact. Her role as Director of Marketing & Communications is focused on expanding the Alliance’s reach and impact through different communications channels and new engagement opportunities. She enables the Smart Futures Lab program members to explore and engage with promotional opportunities available to them as members of the Alliance. 

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