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The Smart Futures Lab offers an invaluable opportunity for growth in the tech space with its free accelerator and incubator program.

Available to New Majority tech founders, professionals, or students, looking to develop and grow their smart city innovation solutions. 

Scale up your Smart City tech startup.
Join the 2025 Program!

Thank you!

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Incubator Program

This program caters to tech startups in the early stages of development, whether they are ideating, designing, or testing their products.


This program is for mature companies looking to scale, build government partnerships, refine their business model, and find funding investors.

Accelerator Program

Program Resources

Professional Curriculum

Led by industry professionals, accelerate your company's growth and scalability.

Standalone 5G Network

State of the art indoor and outdoor CBRS network for development and testing.

Connections & Networking

Access to a network of Government contacts, mentors and professionals in the industry.

Prototyping Makerspace

Lab with additive and subtractive equipment.

Coworking Space

Conference rooms, event space, meeting areas, and more!

Breaking Barriers & Building Spaces

Our mission is to champion diversity and equality, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to the future of technology.

Smart Futures Lab is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and equity in the tech and Smart Cities industry by providing a supportive startup program for New Majority: women, individuals with disabilities, and Black, Hispanic & Latino, Indigenous American & Pacific Islander founders.

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No equity required.

Smart Futures Lab is a federally funded initiative, strategically empowering companies committed to leveraging technology to solve urban issues. SFL is dedicated to helping Smart City ventures, providing resources and the necessary guidance to create solutions across vital sectors such as infrastructure, transportation, accessibility, climate and air quality, energy, and beyond.

Recent Posts

"The program provided invaluable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities that significantly contributed to our company's growth and development."

Salman Chishti
SWAP Founder

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